About Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and the local political, economic and cultural center. As the southern terminus of the Grand Canal, the city is located on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River in southeast China, a superior position in the Yangtze Delta and only 180 kilometers from Shanghai. The subtropical monsoon climate contributes to varied seasonal sceneries, making the city one of China‘s most popular tourist destinations all the year round. The West Lake is undoubtedly the most renowned landmark, noted for the scenic beauty that blends naturally with many famous historical and cultural sites. The “Ten West Lake Prospects” selected from the most frequently visited attractions around the lake give visitors a panoramic view of the city’s highlights. Take a stroll along the causeway by the lake; you’ll feel the peaceful ethos of the city and better understand its time-honored fame as “Heaven on Earth”.
West Lake

These are the words composed by the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo (960-1127). In this poem, he compared the West Lake to Xi Zi, one of the four beauties in ancient China. These poetic sentiments depict the charm of the lake which has always been a beautiful and romantic spot since ancient times.  West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides and divided into the North Inner Lake, the Yuehu Lake, the West Inner Lake, the South Lake, and the West Outer Lake by the Bai Causeway, the Su Causeway, and the Yang Causeway. The Solitary Hill between the North Inner Lake and the West Outer Lake is the largest natural island. In addition, there are three man-made islands in the West Outer Lake: the Lesser Paradise Island, the Mid-lake Pavilion, and the Ruangong Islet; and two famous pagodas by the lake: the Leifeng Pagoda to the south and the Baochu Pagoda to the north.  Nowadays, West Lake is one of the top ten scenic areas in China, and was listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO on June 24th, 2011. West Lake is famous for the romantic legends and intoxicating scenery.

Leifeng Pagoda

The Leifeng Pagoda stands on Leifeng Peak of Sunset Hill to the south of West Lake, echoing the Baochu Pagoda in the north. It is the oldest colorful bronze pagoda in China. Standing on the top of the pagoda, tourists can appreciate the nearby Jingci Temple, enjoy the landscapes of West Lake, and even see the city of Hangzhou from a distance. At dusk, the colorful evening glow and green mountains are mirrored in the rippling lake, forming a picturesque scene renowned as "Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow", one of the top ten scenes of West Lake.
Longjing Village
Longjing, literally "Dragon Well", is a name applied to a number of locations and products from the southwestern region of the city of Hangzhou. Most notably, the name refers to the titular Dragon Well itself, located near Longjing village in Xihu District, as well as the area encompassing the well and the Longjing tea famously grown there. The Dragon Well region consists of a number of villages, tea plantations, tea houses, parks, and a temple. The area is popular for tea-making demonstration, drinking and buying tea as well as experiencing the tea farmers’ life.
Enduring Memories of Hangzhou

Using the lake and its surroundings as props, lots of lights and hundreds of actors create a dazzling performance. Film director Zhang Yimou, who developed the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing has produced Enduring Memories of Hangzhou. Similar performances are staged in Yangshuo and Lijiang.  Staged entirely upon the lake itself (a stage has been built 3 centimeters below the surface), Enduring Memories of Hangzhou is a performance of light, music, dance and theater. Drawing on classical myths and legends of West Lake, the show follows a thousand-year dream. A special auditorium and state of the art sound system make the performance easy to see and hear. If you are looking for a special evening activity this is highly recommended.

Delicious and special local foods
Stir-Fried Beancurd Rolls Stuffed with Minced Tenderloin West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy

Hangzhou duck

West Lake lotus root powder

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