Student papers
Student papers


Develospanment of spanarkinson spanatient Generated Data Collection spanlatform Using FHIR and IoT Devices
Dae Young Kim, Sun Ho Hwang, Jun Hyun Song, Min Gyu Kim, Shin Woong Lee, Il Kon Kim

spanubMedReco: A spanubMed Citations Recommender System for Real-Time Chat
Hamman Samuel, Osmar Za?ane

A Collaborative evaluation framework for biometric connected devices in healthcare
Troskah Farnia, Marie-Christine Jaulent, Guillaume Marchand, Mobin Yasini

E-Health Literacy and Health Information Seeking Behavior among University students in Bangladesh
Md.Mohaimenul Islam, Tahmina Nasrin spanoly, spanhung-Anh Nguyen, Jakir Hossain Buiyan Masud,
Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, Shabbir Syed Abdul

Are Health Literacy and eHealth Literacy the Same or Different?
Helen Monkman, Andre Kushniruk, Jeff Barnett, Elizabeth Borycki, Leigh Greiner, Debra Sheets

spanatient spanortal adospantion rates: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis
spanaolo Fraccaro, Markel Vigo, spananos Balatsoukas, Iain E. Buchan, Niels spaneek, Sabine N. van der Veer

Integrating Social Networks and Remote spanatient Monitoring Systems to Disseminate Notifications
Hugo A Ribeiro, Eliseu Germano, Sergio T Carvalho

Designing a mobile health aspanspanlication spanrototyspane for the management of interstitial cystitis/spanainful
bladder syndrome
Janessa Griffith

Developing a€?Information Assistanta€????A Smartphone Application to meet the Personalized

Information Needs of Women with Breast Cancer
Ying Liu, Zhaohui Geng, Fulei Wu, Chang Rong Yuan

Develospanment of a Smartspanhone Aspanspanlication to Monitor spanediatric spanatient-Respanorted Outcomes
Jingting Wang, Nengliang Yao, Yanyan Liu, Zhaohui Geng, Yuanyuan Wang, Nanspaning Shen, Xiaoyan
Zhang, Min Shen, Chang Rong Yuan

iT2DM spanroject: a framework for secondary use of EHR data for high-throughspanut spanhenotyspaning in
Yufang Wei, Yujuan Shang, Jie Wang, Defu He, Shengrong Zhou, Weixun Zhang, Lili Shi, Yalan Chen,
Kui Jiang, Huiqun Wu, Jiancheng Dong

Using smartspanhones for research outside clinical settings: how ospanerating systems, aspanspan de-velospaners and users determine geolocation data quality in mHealth studies
AL Beukenhorst, DM Schultz, J McBeth, R Lakshminarayana, JC Sergeant, Will Dixon


Analysis of historical medical phenomena using large n-gram corpora
Zdenko Kasá?, Stefan Schulz

Phenotypic Analysis of Clinical Narratives Using Human Phenotype Ontology
Feichen Shen, Liwei Wang, Hongfang Liu

Detecting Signals of Interactions between Warfarin and Dietary Supplements in Electronic Health Records
Yadan Fan, Terrance Adams, Reed McEwan, Serguei Pakhomov, Genevieve Melton, Rui Zhang

Identifying Biomarkers of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Based on Gene Co-expression Network from High-throughput Data
Ying Zhang, Zhiping Liu, Jing-song Li

Mining Adverse Events of Dietary Supplements From Product Labels by Topic Modeling
Yefeng Wang, Divya Gunashekar, Terrance Adams, Rui Zhang

The Impact of "possible patients" on Phenotyping Algorithms: Electronic Phenotype Algorithms Can Only Be Reproduced by Sharing Detailed Annotation Criteria.
Rina Kagawa, Yoshimasa Kawazoe, Emiko Shinohara, Takeshi Imai, Kazuhiko Ohe

Visualizing Article Similarities via Sparsified Article Network and Map Projection for Systematic Reviews
Xiaonan Ji, Raghu Machiraju, Alan Ritter, Po-Yin Yen

Detecting Adverse Drug Event Signal from a Clinical CaseBase
Weifeng Qin, Xian Zeng, Zheng Jia, Xiang Zheng, Huilong Duan, Haomin Li

Creation of the first French database in primary care using the ICPC2: feasibility study.
Virginie Lacroix-Hugues, David Darmon, Christian Pradier, Pascal Staccini

The Use of Diagnostic Decision Support Systems to Generate Personalised Feedback for the Development of Medical Student Reasoning Skills
Piyapong Khumrin, Anna Ryan, Terry Judd, Karin Verspoor

Acute Coronary Syndrome risk prediction based on GRACE risk score
Danqing Hu, Zhengxing Huang, Tak-Ming Chan, Wei Dong, Xudong Lu, Huilong Duan

Unsupervised Abbreviation Expansion in Clinical Narratives
Michel Oleynik, Markus Kreuzthaler, Stefan Schulz

Inter-annotator agreement and the upper limit on machine performance: Evidence from biomedical natural language processing
Mayla Boguslav, Kevin Bretonnel Cohen

Constructing a Gene-Drug-Adverse Reactions Network to Infer Potential Gene-Adverse Reactions Associations with a Text Mining Approach
MingShuang Sui, Lei Cui

Research on Ratio of Dosage of Drugs in Traditional Chinese Prescriptions by data Mining
Xingwen Yu, Qingyue Gong, Kongfa Hu, Wenjing Mao, Weiming Zhang

An Infrared Thermal Images Database and a New Technique for Thyroid Nodules Analysis
Jose Ramon Gonzalez Montero

Development of prediction model for Delirium in Intensive Care Unit using vital sign with machine learning
Young Jo Yoon

A Bayesian Network Model of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Incorporating Gene Expression Profiles
Shuyang Wu, Anthony Law, Mark Whipple

Developing methodologies to find abbreviated laboratory test names in narrative clinical documents by generating high quality q-grams
Kyungmo Kim

Longitudinal Changes in Risk Stratification for a Managed Population
Lincoln Sheets, Mihail Popescu, Kayson Lyttle, Soo-Yeon Cho, Jerry Parker


Toward Learning from Patient Fall Events Based on Kirkpatrick Model
Sicheng Zhou, Hong Kang, Yang Gong

A User-Centered Glucose-Insulin Data Display for the Inpatient Setting
Michael Bowen, Umme Rumana, Ethan Killgore, Yang Gong

Design of a User-Centered Voluntary Reporting System for Patient Safety Events
Hong Kang, Yang Gong


Effects of implementing tree model of diagnosis into a Bayesian diagnostic inference system
Satoshi Iwai, Yoshimasa Kawazoe, Takeshi Imai, Kazuhiko Ohe

Characterizing Surgical Site Infection Signals in Clinical Notes
Steven Skube, Zhen Hu, Elliot Arsoniadis, Gyorgy Simon, Elizabeth Wick, Clifford Ko, Genevieve Melton

Leveraging Event Reporting through Knowledge Support: A Knowledge-based Approach to Promoting Patient Fall Prevention
Bin Yao, Hong Kang, Qi Miao, Sicheng Zhou, Chen Liang, Yang Gong

Summarizing an Ontology: A "Big Knowledge" Coverage Approach
Ling Zheng, Yehoshua Perl, Gai Elhanan, Christopher Ochs, James Geller, Michael Halper

A Semi-automatic Framework to Identify Abnormal States in EHR Narratives
Xiaojun Ma, Takeshi Imai, Emiko Shinohara, Ryota Sakurai, Kouji Kozaki, Kazuhiko Ohe

An OMOP CDM-based Relational Database of Clinical Research Eligibility Criteria
Yuqi Si, Chunhua Weng

Text data mining of aged care accreditation reports to identify risk factors in medication management in Australian residential aged care homes
Tao Jiang, Ping Yu, David Hailey, Jun Ma, Siyu Qian


Assessing Provider-Generated Free-Text Quality in EHR-Integrated Handoff Notes
Elliot Arsoniadis, Steven Skube, Treva Bjerke, Bryan Jarabek, Genevieve Melton

Predicting Harm Scores from Patient Safety Event Reports
Chen Liang, Yang Gong

Exploring factors affecting the time to occurrence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers using EHR data
Seul Ki Park, Hyeoun-Ae Park

Context-Sensitive Clinical Alert Packages Written in Arden Syntax
Julia Zeckl, Katharina Adlassnig, Renate Fossler, Alexander Blacky, Jeroen Sebastiaan de Bruin, Walter Koller, Andrea Rappelsberger, Klaus-Peter Adlassnig

Identifying and Synchronizing Health Information Technology (HIT) Events from FDA Medical Device Reports
Hong Kang, Frank Wang, Sicheng Zhou, Qi Miao, Yang Gong

The Paradox of Higher Charges for Lower-Risk Inpatient Admissions: When Healthier Patients Cost More
Lincoln Sheets, Kayson Lyttle, Lori Popejoy, Jerry Parker

Automated Classification of Multi-labeled Patient Safety Reports: A Shift from Quantity to Quality Measure
Chen Liang, Yang Gong

Development of a service-oriented sharable clinical decision support system based on ontology for chronic disease
Yong Shang, Yu Wang, Ling Gou, Chengkai Wu, Tianshu Zhou, Jing-song Li

CD-KES: An Ontology Based Knowledge Education System for Patients with Chronic Diseases and Its Constructing Approach
Chengkai Wu, Ling Gou, Yu Wang, Yong Shang, Yu Tian, Jing-song Li

Analysis of Management Information System in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Pakistan
Suleman Atique, Musa Touray, Chien-Yeh Hsu

Characterizing Restorative Dental Treatments of Sjogren's Syndrome Patients Using Electronic Dental Records Data
Zasim Azhar Siddiqui, Payal Makkad, Thankam Thyvalikakath

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